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Jimena de la Villa


Jimena graduated from the Law School of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP). Her experience spans national and international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration, representing clients from the hydrocarbons, energy and electricity industries. She is fluent in English and has an intermediate knowledge of French.

Professional Experience

Associate in our Litigation practice area since 2020.

Academic Activity

Jimena was a teaching assistant of the Private International Law, Effective Legal Communication, and Conflict Theory and Resolution Mechanisms courses given at the PUCP Law School.

She was a member of the Editorial Board of the THĒMIS civil association, in charge of editing several articles for the publication of books such as “Current Overview of Arbitration 2015” by Mario Castillo Freyre, “About Interim Protection” by Giovanni Priori, and “Leaving the Island. Overcoming a Consumer Protection System at War with Itself” by Gustavo Rodríguez.

She was also a member of the team that represented the PUCP at the 12th International Arbitration Competition – MOOT UBA, organized by the Universidad de Buenos Aires and the Universidad del Rosario, and the 12th International Competition on Arbitration and Commercial Law – MOOT MADRID, organized by the Universidad Carlos III. She was also a member of the runner-up team at the World Model United Nations conference held in Rome, Italy and organized by Harvard University.


  • Jimena de la Villa. ¿La mano derecha siempre sabe lo que hace la izquierda? Reflexiones sobre el double-hatting a propósito del proyecto de Código de Conducta del CIADI y CNUDMI. Publicado por Enfoque Derecho. https://www.enfoquederecho.com/2021/06/30/la-mano-derecha-siempre-sabe-lo-que-hace-la-izquierda-reflexiones-sobre-el-double-hatting-a-proposito-del-proyecto-de-codigo-de-conducta-del-ciadi-y-cnudmi/
  • Jimena de la Villa . ¿Más vale viejo conocido que nuevo por conocer? Del arbitraje médico estatal a un modelo privado. publicado por: THĒMIS-Revista de Derecho. (2021).
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